What's the F***ing Point?

What's the F***ing Point?

If we're being honest with ourselves, don't we all just really want to know what the fucking point is of any of this? Hosted by paradoxically nihilistic + eternally optimistic psychotherapist and yoga teacher Valerie Martin, this podcast features conversations with a wide variety of guests who offer thought provoking perspectives on the ultimate question of humanity.

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    April Lang on Staying Curious & Being Vegan for the Animals

    Psychotherapist April Lang encourages us to follow our curiosity in all aspects of life — including curiosity about the experiences of the animals that we may eat, wear, experiment on, or otherwise use for our own purposes.

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    PaQuita Pullen on Cultural Humility in Mental Health

    PaQuita Pullen gets real with us about what it's like being an African American within often-whitewashed western yoga, and why she's excited to educate the next generation of counselors around true cultural humility.

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    Bryanna Dee on Living in the Gray Area

    Bryanna Dee (host of Shadowlight podcast) guests as we kick off season 2, with a conversation about acknowledging and healing from trauma, living in the gray area, and how we can honor our interconnectedness.

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    Just Doing It + Holding onto Hope for the Planet

    Closing up season 1 of the podcast, this solo episode is bringing you some MOTIVATION to get off your ass and DO THE THING you've been putting off... plus, an intro to The Work That Reconnects, a model I'm learning for holding onto hope in the utter sh*t show that is the state of our environmental and justice crises.

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    Megan Bruneau on Worthiness and the Ethics of Mental Health Care

    YOU GUYS. Y'all are not gonna want to miss episode with badass therapist, coach, author, and host of Failure Factor podcast, Megan Bruneau. We talk relationships, body image, parenting (and NON-parenting), privilege, and a lot more. Get your notebook and pen ready for this one!

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    5 Things I've Learned About Friendship as an Adult

    Short and sweet solo podcast time! In this episode, I share a few of my most favorite recent things, and then 5 lessons I've learned about the challenges of friendship in adulthood.

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    Liz Ward on Pivoting Toward Your Passion

    Most of the people I know who love what they do didn't get there in a linear way. And of course, many of us are still figuring it out and iterating, reformulating our professional lives as our skills and interests evolve. Liz Ward is a shining example of this, and she now dedicates her work to helping others do the same.

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