What's the F***ing Point?

What's the F***ing Point?

If we're being honest with ourselves, don't we all just really want to know what the fucking point is of any of this? Hosted by paradoxically nihilistic + eternally optimistic psychotherapist and yoga teacher Valerie Martin, this podcast features conversations with a wide variety of guests who offer thought provoking perspectives on the ultimate question of humanity.

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    Megan Bruneau on Worthiness and the Ethics of Mental Health Care

    YOU GUYS. Y'all are not gonna want to miss episode with badass therapist, coach, author, and host of Failure Factor podcast, Megan Bruneau. We talk relationships, body image, parenting (and NON-parenting), privilege, and a lot more. Get your notebook and pen ready for this one!

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    5 Things I've Learned About Friendship as an Adult

    Short and sweet solo podcast time! In this episode, I share a few of my most favorite recent things, and then 5 lessons I've learned about the challenges of friendship in adulthood.

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    Liz Ward on Pivoting Toward Your Passion

    Most of the people I know who love what they do didn't get there in a linear way. And of course, many of us are still figuring it out and iterating, reformulating our professional lives as our skills and interests evolve. Liz Ward is a shining example of this, and she now dedicates her work to helping others do the same.

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    Lauren Martin on Embracing "Petty Problems"

    Lauren Ruth Martin is a force of nature, y'all. In this episode, we talk about everything from emo music to her transition to Orthodox Christianity to what it means to embrace and validate the idea that "if it matters to YOU, then it matters."

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    Tina Pocha on the Magic of Self-Reinvention

    Sooner or later, we all have to reinvent ourselves. In this conversation with writer, teacher, and coach Tina Pocha, we explore the process of reinvention (and nerd out about a lot of great books).

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    Death to Biohacking

    A brief solo pod musing/ranting about biohacking, human doing vs. human being, productivity, and self-care.

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    Dr. Allison Devers on Accessing the Subconscious

    My guest this week is Dr. Allison Devers, a conventional-turned-functional physician who is currently working on a book about the power of accessing the subconscious to expand the potential for healing. After spending the last 6 days straight with her, I can validate first-hand that Allison is a total badass, and I'm grateful to now call her a soul sister. For full show notes, head to www.wonderwelltherapy.com/blog/wtfp-13 .

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    Krystal of Power Femme Tarot on Socially Conscious Tarot

    If you've been listening to the show, you know that I'm getting increasingly interested in the tarot as a tool for self reflection and accessing intuitive guidance. I've touched on the tarot with guests in previous episodes, but this is the first all-out-tarot episode, and I couldn't have picked a better guest for it. Krystal of Power Femme Tarot (@powerfemmetarot on Instagram) is a New Orleans-based queer femme witch, professional tarot reader, and with a PhD in Gender Studies, is a college professor in her muggle life.

    Krystal is offering WTFP listeners 10% off tarot readings through the end of 2018, and she has so many unique spreads she has created — I will be doing my first reading with her soon and will be sure to report back! The discount code is in the episode, and be sure to check out the full show notes because this one is chock full of awesome resources.

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    Rebecca Trinidad on Healing with Plants

    In my most "out there" episode yet, you get to hear me live-freakout about a spider, followed by a rich conversation with herbalist Rebecca Trinidad on healing with plants, permaculture, druidry, comparative mythology, and a lot more. There are tons of references in today's show, so be sure to check out the show notes at wonderwelltherapy.com/blog/wtfp-11 !

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